So is it a question of how long do we have left rather than is Agenda 21 even real...

I am probably about to sound like a complete lunatic to many many people although really there probably not many many people who even read my articles (if you can even call them that)

I have an illness that up until a few years ago was thought to be very rare although since initially finding out I have realized that its really not that rare at all, in fact the few experts in this illness say that rather than it affecting 1 in every 500,000 people its actually more like 1 in every 5000.  Its a genetic thing which is hereditary and I can see it in quite a few other family members even though they are undiagnosed but I am pretty sure they have it.

I wont bother naming it because really I think the name of it is irrelevant but its the symptoms that are the more important part of it and the fact that so many more people are becoming ill with many of the same symptoms I have actually been wondering more and more what the hell is going on.  Sure I don't deny I have had my illness all my life but I have tried to find out more about the history of it because I do wonder if it is even the same illness it originally was or if there is something else going on!?  Between all the chemtrails which are proven to be spraying substances that can cause health problems, vaccines which are the same and are pretty much forced on children and then there's all these newer illnesses like morgellons.

I think there must be something more to what is going on and as ridiculous as it may sound that somebody actually thinks that right now agenda 21 is actually in full swing and its really only a matter of time before many many people die!  Sure lots of people die everyday but I do wonder given my own illness and seeing many other people around me with this same rare illness or other illnesses that seem to have pretty much the exact same symptoms and we all know what happened with the nazis killing millions of people, the way things are in many parts of the world right now is not good at all and it seems like its only a matter of time before the shit really starts to hit the fan!

Neurologist Warns of Exploding Neurodegenerative Disease Due to Chemtrail Toxins

The Depopulation Agenda of the New World Order

Uniforms for the NWO?

Have you seen the new uniforms for the Tiwanese special forces armour?

Not a lot to really say about these except they seem really scary.  I can understand them needing protective gear but the whole not being able to see their faces is worrying, this surely could mean that if there is an excessive force or abuse from these special forces that they could pretty much get away with murder and nobody would know what one it was.

Also why the need for something so scary looking, its like something you would imagine in a police state!  Sure have protection but surely this is just a bit too far!

I wonder how long it will be before we see the likes of this in the US and the UK!?  Maybe this is just the beginning, a trial run to see how people take to it before introducing it in other countries!



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Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geopolitical News

You can never tell what the truth is these days.  I have been an on off reader of Benjamin Fulfords blog for a while although some of the content at times seems really far fetched some of it does actually prove to be true and some of the information can be found in many other non connected sites and organizations.


Here is a short excerpt from the most recent article.



The US corporate government and the mafia families that own it managed to stave off default on October 17th by acting like a junkie selling family heirlooms to a pawnshop in order to buy a few more days’ worth of drugs. In one example, they sold a whole bunch of state of the art helicopters, including Blackhawks and Apaches to China for an undisclosed sum, according to Pentagon sources. Partial confirmation of this can be found here:


These same fascist families also sold a bunch of cruise missiles and cluster bombs to the totalitarian gulf monarchies.


The Rothschild branch of these families, for its part, worked out a deal where the Chinese would build French nuclear reactors of dubious safety and reliability in the UK, according to MI5 sources and news reports. The Chinese will also be paid double the going rate for energy produced by these reactors, according to MI5. That is a good sign the cabal got money from China now in exchange for a promise to pay them back by squeezing British energy users later.




Here is a link to the original source which includes more information and articles.